Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So this time last week I was having an awesome time in Newquay, right about now I think I was laid on a paddle board chilling in the sea with my best mates. It was the first time I've been and working in a surf shop I thought it was about time I got a wetsuit on and got in the water.
My friends Shani, Sophie, and Liv had been previous years, I always enjoy going away with people that have been to the place once before as it gives me a sort of guide to how its going to be. Here are some of my recommendations....


We stayed in a b&b but Lewis and I was never awake early enough for the free fry up, so we would take a short walk onto the high street where we found the box and barber cafe tucked away upstairs at the Watershed shop. 
We started most of our days getting a melon juice from there which became some kind of short lived morning tradition and enjoyed their breakfast menu which was not only delicious but reasonably priced.
 Great food, drinks, and company with the guys who worked their being really chatty and friendly and the same to be said about the Watershed store. 

The Beaches.

We tended to stay at Newquay beach, it had everything we needed and was a 1 minute walk from our b&b's. We spent our days hiring out paddle boards when it sunny and clear and surfboards when the waves were a little bigger, I have to admit surfing is not for me, the waves were just far too much!
 We attempted to venture to Fristral beach one afternoon but we had woken up a bit too late and we couldn't get parked anywhere near, plus the waves looked ridiculous! We visited Parranporth beach one night to see Andy Jordan play at The Watering Hole, which was real lucky as we had no idea he was giging there till about 3 days before we went! The Watering Hole have nearly always got something going on so its worth travelling 20 minutes up the road from Newquay to check it out, its a real cool bar as well, on the beach! 

Eating out.

The food in Newquay was great, so many cornish pasty shops for a quick snack on the highstreet. On the first night we went to Frankie and Bennys for food and cocktails where I think we were the most picky customers of the night, but the staff and food was amazing, a couple of nights we would head to the local spoons which was done up to fit the area with quirky signs about surfing and a laid back feel for a cheap meal and drinks
On our last night we dined at Pizza Express which was set in a prefect location looking over one of the beaches where you could still watch people surfing, the atmosphere and setting was devine, I got a carbonara pizza with rocket on top which was absolutely delicious I even took a doggy box back to our b&b with my leftovers!  

So thats that, my little guide of Newquay and some things to do and eat, I would defiantly recommend Newquay as somewhere to take a holiday, the weather was lovely for our stay, the people we met were friendly, and there was always something to do. 
Hope you enjoyed this post and got some serious holiday blues like I now have!



  1. Oh jeez, these photos make me wanna go so bad! I've wanted to go to Cornwall for yeeears but never had the chance, and would love to try surfing! There's a cheap surf camp/holiday thang in Fuerteventura I think I might try :)
    amber love

  2. Love Newquay! I am going to Boardmasters festival there next weekend :)

  3. God these photos really make me want to go back to Newquay again! I used to go there every year and went back for the first time in a while last year for boardmasters festival! watergate bay is my favourite beach there and we were lucky that when we went to there was a surf competition going on that was cool to watch! I didn't even know there was a cafe up above the watershed shop, I even purchased from there last year and still didn't see it!

  4. This is lovely, thank you! Looks like a great dupe too!! :)


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